How Elite Managed IT Service Providers Price their Offerings

Technical competency and quality customer service are paramount, but here’s why you shouldn’t overlook how you are charged for IT support services.

October 15, 2019Manhattan Tech Support

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There are several factors that separate elite IT managed service providers (MSPs) from average ones, like technical ability and a deep dedication to customer service. With its team of NYC-based engineers certified by leading technology vendors — as well as rave reviews from a wide range of clients here in New York City — Manhattan Tech Support excels in both these areas.

But another often overlooked way that elite MSPs differentiate themselves from the pack is in terms of their pricing. How does your MSP calculate your monthly IT support bill, and how can you ensure that you’re getting the best value for your dollar? Let’s look at some guidelines you can use to tell a high-value IT partner from an average one.


Are You Getting a Customized Price to Suit Your Needs?

Any company that’s successfully managed the IT of businesses in a big city like New York knows that every organization — even those of a similar size, in the same industry — will have very different needs based on their goals, customers, technology stack, and work habits.

Many MSPs will try to force the same package on each of their clients. Sometimes this is a thinly veiled way of convincing businesses that they need services they don’t. Other times, it’s simply laziness. Why send a team to really dig into your network and business, if they are just going to provide you with the same services, they provide everyone else? That’s not the Manhattan Tech Support way. Each of our IT support packages factors in many different aspects of your company and IT infrastructure and is fully customized to meet your unique needs.

Each of Our Engagements Begins with a Thorough Analysis of Your Technology

When you sign up with Manhattan Tech Support, we’ll start by sending a team of our engineers to your location so they can examine your business processes and goals and design the right technology support solution for your needs. Our comprehensive assessments touch upon each of the important areas of your IT infrastructure.

technology_network and security architecture

What Does It Mean – Flat-Monthly Fee?

The concept of flat-fee technology service is a hallmark of the managed IT services model, but MSPs also deliver greater network uptime and better business-technology alignment. The majority of MSPs will entice you with promises of paying a single flat monthly fee for all your IT support, but this is often misleading.  You should read the fine print, as not every flat-fee contract is the same. Many MSPs will pad their monthly proactive maintenance work with “hidden” surcharges that might drive the eventual cost above the price you’re expecting to pay.

Here are some common scenarios that can lead to overages and surcharges in your MSP bill

  • A sudden server problem requires a team of engineers to come onsite and reconfigure your network within a short time frame.
  • A hacker attacks your network just as everyone is going home for the day, requiring emergency work after business hours.
  • Your company re-locates to a new office and needs help in setting up its network systems at the new location.

In contrast to low-value managed service providers, Manhattan Tech Support offers truly all-inclusive flat fee technology support packages that cover unlimited on-site and remote support requests, powerful help desk solutions, comprehensive virtual chief information officer (vCIO) service, and more. That means absolutely no hidden fees or surprise charges for our IT support packages – ever.

The Manhattan Tech Support Difference: Risk-Free Commitment

Flat-rate pricing (of one kind or another) is an integral part of the MSP proposition. But Manhattan Tech Support has devised a way to provide even deeper peace of mind to new clients — IT support packages that come with no binding, long-term contracts.

What does that mean, exactly? It means that from the day you start working with us, our staff of engineers, strategists, and help desk technicians are going to work tirelessly to ensure your technology support meets our very high standards.

It also means that if at any point, our service fails to earn your high praise, you’re free to leave us and find a provider who does meet those standards — free from any penalty. The kind of risk-free commitment we offer sets us dramatically apart from other MSPs in the New York City area, the vast majority of which will ask you to enter a long-term commitment before you even know if they’re capable of providing the service you need.

Beware of the Bottom Feeding Managed IT Service Provider

For all the advantages of working with a reputable managed IT service provider, it’s important to understand that the MSP field is replete with low-cost providers who are willing to drastically reduce prices to win contracts. The problem with this option is what happens after they’ve signed you up as a customer.

When you work with a low-cost provider, you’re almost guaranteed to encounter one or all the following:

costs of working with bad MSPs

In contrast to budget options that cut corners wherever possible, Manhattan Tech Support has earned a place as one of New York City’s true high-value managed IT services providers. By combining world-class expertise and a culture of customer-centric service, along with our transparent, flat-rate pricing structure, we’re able to deliver on all our promises confidently without fail.

For Maximum Confidence, Pick an MSP with an Established Reputation

Manhattan Tech Support has earned a sterling reputation through 20 years of dedicated service to New York City’s small, midsized, and enterprise business community, including some of the best reviews of any MSP in the city.

We invite anyone who has questions about the managed IT services model to give us a call and find out more. Our friendly experts are always eager to help businesses better understand the many benefits of managed IT services and discover new levels of confidence with their technology. Contact us any time at 212-299-7673 or by email at

We look forward to speaking with you!


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