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From servers and desktops to mobile classroom initiatives, we’re passionate about customizing technology to enrich educational institutions in NYC. We equip today's institutions with tomorrow's tools.

IT Solutions for NYC's Educational Institutions

Classroom technology shouldn’t be a luxury. Educating children in an IT-equipped classroom is a fundamental part of the new curriculum. Your students’ need exposure to the new digital tools that are rapidly transforming education, the economy, the country, and the world. We fully support the U.S. Department of Education’s National Educational Technology Plan (NETP). We can help your school with:

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    Student-Teacher Collaboration

    Software solutions and speedy connections to increase student engagement and instruction.

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    Keeping all records, applications, documents, and databases safe from hackers.

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    IT Consulting & Strategy

    Expert advice on choosing and rolling out new technologies and devices.

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    Cloud Computing

    Learning doesn’t end when the bell rings; cloud computing connects classrooms and living rooms.

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    Network Configuration & Encryption

    Because we’re committed to children’s education, we’re committed to keeping you connected and protected at all times.

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    Managed IT Services

    Administrators have enough on their plates; our Managed IT Services keep all your IT working efficiently.


If you’re too busy worrying about technology than focusing on running your school, you should know there’s a better way.

We’re located in Midtown Manhattan and can send a technician to your institution quickly to make sure you don’t lose essential instructional hours if your network goes down or you have a computer problem. Our technicians are always ready to help!

We also offer remote tech support and can troubleshoot many problems online or over the phone to save you time and money. We’ll help you optimize your system to prevent distracting problems from keeping your students from learning.

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