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After 20 years of providing world-class IT solutions and services, we understand the technology needs of NYC’s educational institutions.

IT Services & Solutions for NYC's Educational Institutions

Educational institutions have unique and complex IT needs. The first challenge they face is managing and maintaining many different systems spread across several physical locations. Computer labs, science facilities, student dorms, and administration offices will all have unique IT management requirements, which can easily overwhelm a small IT team or an inexperienced IT partner.

Another concern is security. While educational organizations can’t cordon off areas into “zero trust” zones like a traditional maximum-security environment, they must still protect valuable intellectual property and ensure that their student records are kept in accordance with federal regulations, like FERPA, CORPA, and others.

As a long-time partner to New York City’s education community, we understand those distinct needs. For over 20 years we’ve been building and supporting network and technology solutions for educational institutions of all kinds, providing them with dependable help desk support, forward-thinking strategy, robust cybersecurity services, compliance expertise, and more.

Here’s what makes Manhattan Tech Support a trusted technology partner to the education community

IT Support Solutions Tailored for Institutions

Scalable IT Support Solutions Tailored for Institutions of All Sizes

We believe our primary role as a technology partner is to stabilize your IT environment and position your network for scalability and growth. This multi-step process involves untangling chronic IT problems, optimizing systems and processes, then proactively ensuring those systems continue to run error-free as your organization evolves. A managed IT services provider will also make sure that your institution is equipped with the latest technology infrastructure to meet the growing needs of your leadership and staff.

Here are some of the reasons educational institutions trust us fully to manage their technology.

  • IT Help Desk
    NYC’s Most Trusted IT Help Desk

    Teachers and administrators get more done with our trusted IT helpdesk at their side. We’re available 24/7/365, and our friendly and knowledgeable technicians are always available to help troubleshoot any IT problems – from simple software mishaps to crashed hard drives and network outages. This allows your staff to better focus on teaching, research, and running the institution, without wasting time or energy on IT.

  • vCIO Support Access
    vCIO Support to Guide Your Technology

    Educational institutions are now embracing digital technology in the same way other businesses have for years. The virtual Chief Information Officers (vCIO) at Manhattan Tech Support will act as your trusted consultants, helping you better manage your data, extract value from your existing technology framework, best incorporate the newest network infrastructure, and so much more.

  • Monthly Flat-Rate Fee
    Flat-Rate Pricing

    The managed IT support packages from Manhattan Tech Support include unlimited on-site and off-site support for a flat monthly fee. This fixed monthly service charge assures that no matter what goes wrong, we’ll always be there to do whatever necessary to get you back on track — without any unexpected cost overruns. No surprises or hidden fees ever.

    We’re so confident in the quality of our service that we don’t even require a long-term service contract. If we ever fail to earn your trust and respect, you’re free to find a provider who does meet those needs - no strings attached.

The Elements of Strong FERPA Compliance

  • Personal Identification Protection
    Protect Personally Identifiable Information

    Protecting the PII of your students as it moves through your organization is the first priority, which includes student data, social security numbers, dates of birth, and academic records.

  • Vendor Management
    Vendor Management

    Picking FERPA compliant vendors, as well as vetting the technical processes for communicating with those vendors, is another important component of compliance. This may also include using data encryption technologies to protect information while in transit, or the construction of enterprise-class firewalls or VPNs.

  • Ensure Proper Student Access
    Ensuring Proper Student Access

    FERPA indicates that each institution provides convenient access to records to students, allowing them to review and correct information. How will your technical systems accommodate this requirement? What if a record contains PII of multiple students? These are questions that comprehensive compliance must address.

Institutions that fail to reach FERPA compliance run the risk of damaging their reputation and losing their federal funding, though it’s much more likely that a violating institution will be forced to fall in line with the regulation. Instead of playing catch-up with federal regulators, it’s always a better policy — and economically wise — to be proactive with FERPA compliance programs. As your dependable compliance partner, Manhattan Tech Support will work with you to ensure that your organization reaches full compliance with the federal authorities.

Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions for Institutions

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions Built for Educational Institutions

Enterprise resource planning software can improve coordination between the different teams and departments at your institution, automate tedious processes, help you track important data and metrics, and much more.

The Manhattan Tech Support team can help choose the best ERP system for your institution, build a network infrastructure that complements and optimizes the functionality of your ERP, and ensure that your system stays in proper working function over the long term.

Maximize the Impact of Cloud Computing with Our Expertise

At this point it’s clear that cloud computing is not just an IT industry fad, it’s a transformative technology that can help maximize the uptime and availability of a network, lower capital expenditure, and much more. Here are some of the specific ways that cloud computing can help educational organizations:

  • Better Communication
    Increase communication between teachers, students, and administrators
  • Centralize Materials and Information
    Centralize teaching materials and other information to streamline work processes
  • Cost Effective
    Significantly lower the costs associated with physical textbooks and printing
  • Flexible Working Environment
    Give teachers and staff the flexibility to work from outside the office with ease.

Manhattan Tech Support holds certifications from top cloud technology vendors, including Microsoft, VMware, and Cisco, which enables us to design customized cloud solution for educational institutions that range from simple student-teacher portals to complex platforms that facilitate research and keep the intellectual property safe.

Cybersecurity Services Tailored to Education Institutions

Even though education is one of the most targeted industries for cybercriminals, it ranks at the very bottom in terms of cybersecurity preparedness. While digitizing student information brings greater ease and efficiency, it also comes with the responsibility to protect that data from both malicious insiders and outsiders.

We can tailor each system in your network infrastructure to find the right balance of security and usability, while also providing ongoing cybersecurity vigilance that allows your team to focus its efforts on education and administration, instead of the latest cyberthreats.

Endpoint Security

As the number of devices used by faculty and students rapidly increases, it’s important to make sure that any device containing sensitive information has been properly secured. Our team can help you manage your network endpoints and mobile devices, while also ensuring that Wi-Fi hotspots and other network hardware have been fortified against intrusion.

Proactive Software Patching and Updates

Does your institution have an ongoing system to make sure that your software and hardware are being regularly patched and updated? If not, you’re inviting hackers to exploit the weaknesses in those systems. Our support services include vigilant asset management and proactive patching services to make sure that the latest vulnerabilities in your network have been addressed.

A Network Technology Partner That Understands Education

We’ve helped educational institutions large and small gain control of their IT infrastructure, streamline their systems and process, all while budgeting with greater confidence. If you’re a school, university, or training center that’s looking for an experienced technology partner who understands your unique requirements, connect with our experts at any time! They’d be happy to answer your questions and help you understand our services better.

We provide world-class technology solutions and are passionate about customizing technology to enrich educational institutions in NYC. We equip today’s institutions with tomorrow’s tools. Call us anytime at 212-299-7673 or email us at [email protected]

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