Why Outsourced IT Help Desk is NOT a Risky Strategy

A truly world-class IT help desk solution will address all your concerns, with a focus on long-term partnerships.

October 31, 2019Manhattan Tech Support

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An IT help desk can boost productivity and ensure that your technology infrastructure stays functioning optimally. But, building an internal IT help desk team is an expensive, resource-intensive project that involves finding and hiring qualified desktop support technicians, training them on your systems, and making sure that your team stays current with all the new technologies in your network.

Because running an effective IT help desk is so complex, most companies will eventually consider outsourcing this critical service to an external provider – but that isn’t always a silver bullet solution either. Many businesses have difficulty finding a reliable technology partner; they can truly trust to take on this great responsibility, while others just don’t like the idea of losing control of their IT support processes.

During our more than 20 years of service as an elite, IT help desk partner to businesses throughout New York City, we’ve identified four major items that businesses want when looking to work with a managed services provider – then built and refined our service to accommodate them.


Manhattan Tech Support Engineers Are NYC-Based

Many people don’t like the sound of the term “outsourced help desk.” It sounds removed or distant, evoking the idea of an anonymous call center in some other state or country. How could a service like that possibly help you achieve your most ambitious, complex business goals? It couldn’t, which is why we designed our service to be the total opposite.

The Manhattan Tech Support help desk solution gives you full access to a team of talented, hard-working, client-focused technicians right here in NYC. We’re very proud to call the city our home and have been working for over 20 years to enrich the business community with superior technology. A world-class help desk built by New Yorkers for New Yorkers – that’s a vision of outsourcing we think businesses and organizations here in the Big Apple can get genuinely excited about.

A Help Desk Staff That Understands Your Company Culture and Goals

The MSP industry has seen terrific growth in recent years. In many ways, this is a good thing, as it gives more businesses the ability to benefit from proactive IT support. However, a low barrier to entry means that the IT services market has been flooded with companies calling themselves “help desk providers.”

Outsourcing your help desk to one of these inexperienced providers invariably results in poor support that degrades the quality of your IT infrastructure. Obvious red flags include poor customer reviews, lackluster help desk key performance indicators (KPIs), or a “one-size-fits-all” solution that isn’t designed to meet the true needs of the organization.

Manhattan Tech Support takes the opposite approach. We’ve developed a detailed on-boarding procedure that includes a thorough assessment of your company network, a deep dive into your short-term and long-term business goals, and ample time to familiarize ourselves with your team and the way you work.

Based on what we learn during this process, we provide a help desk and IT support solution that’s customized to help you in precisely the ways that you need. Our help desk isn’t just about critical IT support and keeping the lights on; it’s about driving business growth with technology service that’s optimized to help your organization flourish.

Manhattan Tech Support Provides Warm and Personalized Service

We understand that handing over IT support to a remote help desk can be scary and confusing. Managers like having IT staff at hand to answer questions and respond to requests immediately. Without your IT staff in the same building, will the help desk really be invested in your business?

Teamwork and a feeling of camaraderie are critical to the success of a help desk, so we’ve designed our solution to maximize the close, personal connection we aim to build with our clients.

First, we hire only the best and brightest help desk technicians. The friendly and client-centric culture at Manhattan Tech Support attracts experienced and skilled experts who identify with our commitment to service and are ready to go the extra mile. It goes without saying that they’re also accredited by leading vendors like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Cisco, VMware, and many others.

Next, we make sure our staff has all the tools they need to succeed. We’ll compile all the data that we gathered about your company during the on-boarding phase into a detailed profile. With full access to that profile, any help desk technician who receives a support request from your company will know exactly who you are, enabling them to provide efficient and quick support.

The tools and systems we have in place also makes it very easy for you to contact our expert support staff. There are four easy methods to reach Manhattan Tech Support’s help desk team.


An IT Help Desk That Provides Complete Support

Manhattan Tech Support isn’t just a help desk partner, though we can provide just help desk service if that’s truly all you need. For most of our clients, however, we’re a full-service technology partner that combines proactive network monitoring and maintenance, 24-hour IT help desk, as well as unlimited on-site support into a single IT support solution.

The proactive support in our full-service packages means your business doesn’t have to worry about major network outages crippling your business, or a crashed hard drive costing you days of downtime. If there’s ever a problem that our help desk team can’t fix remotely, we’ll immediately dispatch an on-site support team to your office so you can be back up and running again as quickly as possible, at no extra charge, no matter how long it takes.

If you’d like to learn more about Manhattan Tech Support’s monthly flat-rate solutions with no long-term contracts and how they help businesses budget with greater confidence, click here to learn more.

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The IT Help Desk Partner That NYC Trusts

Day-to-day technology problems, like slow computers and lost files, can harm productivity and hurt your bottom line. But why should you spend time on something so far outside your expertise? Outsource that work to a trusted partner and concentrate on what you do best.

The team at Manhattan Tech Support has been providing outsourced IT help desk service to businesses in NYC for over 20 years. During that time, we’ve developed a unique, flat-rate help desk solution that puts world-class IT support within easy reach, no matter your company’s size or specific need.

If you’d like to learn more about how our help desk can help your business grow and succeed, call our team to learn more at 212-299-7673 or email us at . We’re happy to help more businesses understand the enormous benefit of a managed help desk!


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