Business Intelligence Solutions Help Companies Improve Decision Making with the Power of Data

Get the most out of your business data by having a custom-designed platform that is tailored to your business' exact needs.

Unleash the Power of Your Data with Robust Business Intelligence Solutions That are Intuitive and Insightful for Your Decision-Makers

Business Intelligence Solutions

A business intelligence (BI) platform is the best way to transform your company’s data into decision-making insight. Despite the obvious value of a BI system, many companies struggle with the long and difficult process of BI implementation, which involves gathering datasets from every system and device in your organization, organizing that raw data into a single location, and customizing the BI solution to meet the unique needs of your team. is an expert at deploying business intelligence solutions for small- and midsized companies throughout the five boroughs of New York City and can help you with every step of the BI deployment process, so you can start gaining critical insights that lead to better business decisions.

Here are some of the reasons that implementing a BI platform has become a high-value project for many of our clients

  • Transform Data into Value
    Transform data into value

    Every department in your company is producing valuable data. Gather it in real-time from your servers, cloud applications, and mobile devices, then transform it into dashboards that lead to KPI-boosting action.

  • Empowered Business Reporting
    Empowered business reporting.

    Create and share interactive, visual reports that identify the strengths and weaknesses of your organization. Faster reporting leads to smarter decisions, more efficient operations, and increased productivity.

  • Self-service Intelligence
    Self-service intelligence

    The day-to-day operation of a BI platform no longer requires in-house data scientists. We'll manage the implementation and maintenance of your platform for a flat monthly fee, empowering your employees to gather and share intelligence with little burden on your internal IT staff.

  • BI-Driven Transformation Made Easy
    BI-Driven Transformation Made Easy

    With a streamlined process for BI platform development, deployment and maintenance, we help businesses achieve their target KPIs with maximum speed and efficiency. Let us handle all details - like extracting data from your applications and cloud systems, transforming it into a usable format - so you can stay focused on making the best business decisions possible.

Want to learn more about the value of business intelligence platforms?

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"Smarter Reporting Leads to Better Decisions."

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Power of Business Intelligence

Manhattan Tech Support has provided cutting-edge technology services to businesses throughout NYC for 20 years. We'he developed a documented process for BI deployment and management that includes every stage and detail of BI implementation.

  • BI Strategy and Planning
    BI Strategy and Planning

    What's the best way to use BI capabilities to empower your business? With a set of clearly defined goals, high-quality data, and buy-in form your entire team, we'll make sure your BI initiative gets started on the right footing.

  • Deployment

    Deploying a comprehensive BI environment includes a thorough systems audit and consultation, the construction of a BI software stack and data warehouse, and a rigorous data cleaning process to ensure quality output. We have a defined, efficient process for each of those steps.

  • Support

    Manhattan Tech Support has built a strong reputation in the five boroughs of NYC for the quality of our service. Throughout the entire lifecycle of your BI platform, our team will provide proactive development and support to respond to any new developments and ensure you get maximum value.

Are you curious how a business intelligence platform can provide valuable insight that helps your team make better decisions?

Click here to read our white paper, “Smart Reporting Leads to Better Decisions” or call us today at 212-299-7673. Our team is always available to answer your questions and to help you better understand how we help firms around NYC streamline their operations and serve their clients with greater confidence than ever before.

If you want to streamline the flow of data through your company and empower your team with high quality, more intuitive software to make better-informed decisions – check out our blog post, “The Time to Stop Relying on Spreadsheets Has Arrived” by clicking below.

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