Gain Competitive Advantages with Custom Applications & Automations Tailored for Your Business

Only software that’s purpose-built for the specific challenges your business faces can help you truly maximize productivity. Take ownership of your business processes with a sophisticated custom software suite that can include anything from desktop and mobile applications to web portals and reporting dashboards.

Custom Software Development Services with Ongoing Support for Businesses That Want to Control Their Future

As your business grows, you may discover that commercial software is getting in the way of peak efficiency. Maybe your systems aren’t interacting the way you want them to, or perhaps your current software lacks a feature you need to really thrive. Your business has its unique goals and needs; why rely on a one-size-fits-all solution that can’t deliver the exact functionality you require?

Software Development

Manhattan Tech Support has decades of experience developing custom software solutions for businesses across the country, helping to streamline application workflows, automate repetitive tasks, gain valuable business insights, better integrating their people and technology, and much more.

We’re strong believers in the agile software development model, which means your software will be developed through rounds of testing and feedback with your team, ensuring a fast, efficient process that results in exactly the software you need – without any surprises. By collaborating with your stakeholders — learning about their day-to-day operations and brainstorming on strategies — we’ll leverage our years of experience building user-friendly software solutions to help you discover greater success.

A Trusted Name in Custom Software Development

We’ve enjoyed a strong leadership position in the software development field for many years. What does that mean for you? A partner that’s technically sophisticated, business-savvy, and capable of providing you with an enjoyable software development experience. No matter the type or scope of your project, our team has worked to deliver it before.

Here are some ways our custom development solutions can help your business

  • Custom Business Applications
    Custom Business Applications

    Custom applications have become the de facto standard for most business applications. We’re fluent in not only technical best practices, but user experience (UX) design as well, building advanced business logic behind a beautiful, user-friendly interface. That means both client-side and server-side applications that provide maximum security and efficiency and work well in all the popular web browsers.

  • Legacy Software Modernization
    Legacy Software Modernizations

    Porting functionalities from old software systems to new ones help you gain greater control of your infrastructure, while strengthening security and lowering maintenance costs.

  • User Interface and User Experience
    User Interface and User Experience

    We believe software should be intuitive and enjoyable to use. We’re active members of the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design communities and will leverage the latest best practices to make sure that whoever uses your new software will not just like it – but love it, leading to a more productive work day.

Here’s what our development process looks like

  • Development Process Step 1- Research

    All good software is developed with clear user personas, use cases, and requirements in mind. That’s where we start.

  • Development Process Step 2- Plan

    Next, we diagram user flows, collect ideas from similar software products (when applicable), and collaboratively develop wireframes and prototypes with your team.

  • Development Process Step 3- Develop

    Because our technical staff is deeply involved in the planning phase, they can often start developing and refining ideas early in the development process.

  • Development Process Step 4-Iterate

    By gathering feedback, tracking usage, and reviewing metric information, we can keep honing your software over time, continually improving upon its efficiencies and performance.

Customized Business Intelligence Solutions

Extracting valuable insight from your business data can be an effective means in gaining a competitive advantage. The best way to acquire that insight is with a database and business intelligence (BI) platform that’s been built with your specific goals in mind.

Our experts:

  • Analyze existing business intelligence and goals
  • Establish key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Identify business intelligence resources
  • Perform data cleansing and staging
  • Construct and manage your data warehouse

Want to learn more about the benefits that custom database and BI platforms can provide? You can read our white paper, Smarter Reporting Leads to Better Decisions, by clicking on the link.

A Revolutionary Model for Delivering Software Expertise

Manhattan Tech Support’s software development division, Exceed Digital, has pioneered a unique monthly, flat-rate method for pricing its custom software development services that empowers businesses to budget with greater confidence, while still receiving the highest-quality software available anywhere.

Software Development

Instead of paying large upfront fees for documentation and lengthy discovery periods, hoping that your software meets expectations when finally delivered, with Manhattan Tech Support you pay in predictable installments that include the entire development process, from the initial planning and consultative stages to production-ready releases. This innovative, flat-rate model eliminates hidden fees and surcharges, bringing an unprecedented level of predictability and transparency to the custom software development process.

Every custom application requires on-going support, but not every company provides it effectively. Many development companies subcontract out a development team, and dismantle it upon completion of the project, leaving you vulnerable should bugs arise, requirements change, or new features be required. Our model allows for not only unprecedented support, but continual monitoring and updates that keep your software current and optimal for your business.

The Custom Software You Need is Right Here

Powerful fully-customized software to solve any business problem – we’ll create the software your business needs — no matter the size or details of the project — to maximize efficiency and productivity. Powerful and reliable custom business applications ensure you get the most out of your business data.

Is your business ready to embrace the efficiency and stability that custom software can provide? Call us anytime at 212-299-7673 with your questions or ideas. We’re always happy to provide businesses with an easy path to the tremendous benefits that custom software offers.

To learn more about our custom software development solution process and pricing model, read our blog post by clicking the link below: How We Make Custom Software Development Easy

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