Hallmarks of Great Customer Service — How Our Team Delivers an Outstanding Client Experience

Phenomenal customer experience has always been one of the main ways we have distinguished ourselves from other managed services providers. At Manhattan Tech Support, world-class customer service and technology expertise go together - always. The result? One of the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry and the most (happily) reviewed MSP online. Read below to see how we do it.

September 23, 2019Manhattan Tech Support

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The team at Manhattan Tech Support has long known that customer service excellence is one of the key differentiators that truly separates a quality managed IT services provider from an average one. Although a strong technical competency is a requirement for all MSPs, many undervalue the role that clear and personable communications play in the delivery of overall service excellence.

To ensure that our clients always have a positive experience, we’ve built Manhattan Tech Support on a deep commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether it’s the processes, we’ve developed to ensure the fast resolution of IT problems or the constant expansion of our team with friendly and accessible IT support specialists – our business is driven by a fundamental philosophy of ensuring our clients stay productive and happy.

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The Manhattan Tech Support Promise — You will Always Speak with a Live Person

We understand that when you’re in the middle of a technical difficulty, the last thing you want is to deal with complex phone menus or inattentive operators. What you need in those situations is to connect with a human representative, immediately, who will listen to your problem and offer a prompt solution that saves you precious time. We promise that when you call Manhattan Tech Support for help with your technology issue, you’ll speak to a human representative right away — guaranteed.

Having that familiarity is a two-way street, though. Manhattan Tech Support has a comprehensive documentation strategy for gathering and storing information about your network. We use this system to educate each of our representatives about your business so that when you call, they’ll be able to provide the highest level of fast, personalized service.

What do businesses love about Manhattan Tech Support’s customer service?

  • No More Talking with Operators
    We never direct you to an operator or put you on hold while we look for someone to help you. Every time you reach out to us, you’ll be connected directly with a technology support specialist who can start resolving your IT issue.
  • Technical Service That Scales with Your Need
    We’re very aware of how many people it takes to efficiently serve our clients – and this is why we’re always scaling our team upwards to ensure that there are qualified enough techs and engineers to address your issues while still maintaining service quality. This is how we offer outstanding service to organizations big and small, without ever skipping a beat.

A Team of IT Specialists for Every Need Aiming for Maximum Customer Satisfaction

Manhattan Tech Support is divided into dedicated workgroups, each of which is designed to handle a specific area of your IT infrastructure and network. To provide greater transparency into our processes, let’s look at each of those teams and how you might interact with them.

Service Team

This team is responsible for addressing most technical support issues. When you open an IT ticket online or call us on our 24/7 support line, it’s the service team that will answer the call, ready with a full record of your network architecture, systems, support history, and more.

 Fast-Track Team

There is a myriad of IT support issues that have straightforward solutions. The Fast-Track Team was designed to provide the quickest possible resolution to the most common IT problems, such as password resets, creating email accounts, installing new software, and others. This team keeps your staff from getting bogged down by small, time-wasting issues.

Network Operation Center (NOC) Team

At the heart of any managed service provider is a strong network operations center team. This group is responsible for the network monitoring and maintenance that helps us proactively ensure your technology stays functioning. Unlike most of the other teams at Manhattan Tech Support, the NOC team does most of its heavy lifting behind the scenes – think of them as the unsung heroes of robust network support.

Solutions Team

The solutions team helps new clients with the onboarding process and proactively checks to make sure that all our clients are current with the latest technology best practices. Besides day-to-day technology management, the solution team also helps tackle special projects, such as office moves, data migrations, network infrastructure upgrades, and office moves.

Dispatch Team

We have a clear process for triaging new issues and allocating the right resources to solve those issues with maximum efficiency. The dispatch team makes sure that our human resources are allocated optimally, and that our support — whether on-site or remote — fits your schedule and needs.

Cybersecurity Team

Manhattan Tech Support and its cybersecurity division, Kaytuso, are known throughout New York City and the entire country for providing world-class IT security services. From flat-rate solutions that safeguard every aspect of your technology infrastructure to assessments, regulatory compliance consulting, and other projects, we have packages to meet any cybersecurity need. To find out more, visit the Kaytuso website.

Software Development Team

As businesses become more complex, they often outgrow the capabilities that commercial software products offer. Manhattan Tech Support has a custom software development division, Exceed Digital, that has decades of experience providing organizations with reliable, fully customized software solutions that solve even the most complex business technology problems.

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A Time-Tested Process for Handling IT Support Requests

“Help desk ticket” is an IT industry term for when a client encounters a technology problem and requests assistance. These tickets, when handled properly, are a great tool for ensuring that all issues are addressed in a timely, organized fashion – and provide complete documentation on the process from start to finish.

Here’s our process for handling IT support tickets:

  1. The user creates an IT support ticket
  2. We analyze and acknowledge the problem
  3. Then, we dispatch the proper team and resources
  4. After that, we resolve and test our solutions
  5. Finally, we gather feedback to ensure the issues have been resolved and the client is satisfied

Our esteemed clients demand more than just average help desk service. In response to the need for truly world-class support, we’ve developed a series of proprietary help desk processes over our 20 years of business that ensure client requests get handled faster, and more reliably than ever before.

A Proprietary System of Support Ticket Triage

Within minutes of receiving your IT support ticket, we analyze the impact of the issue from both a purely technological and a business point of view. By default, all tickets are considered an emergency, unless we triage them otherwise.

We understand that your organization can’t function properly with seriously malfunctioning technology, so our unique triaging process provides a stop-gap solution to complex technical problems, keeping morale and productivity at your business high until we can implement a permanent solution.

Guaranteed: Our Team Will Respect Your Time

We know how valuable your time is, so we’ll never rush you off a call or force you to stay on the phone with us while we address your issue. We’ll have you tell us about your problem, and then let you get back to work as soon as possible.

Unlimited On-Site and Remote Support

When we say flat-rate technology support, we mean it. We’re so deeply committed to the concept that we’ve eliminated all overages and hourly charges from our managed IT service packages. That means truly unlimited on-site and remote support whenever they are needed, and deep assurance that your issues will get handled without ever disturbing your IT budget.

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We Provide Easy 24/7 Access to the Manhattan Tech Support Team

We understand that every company has different workflows and habits, which is why we’ve designed a variety of ways to make our technical support service easily accessible 365 days a year, including holidays.

  • Email
    Our team is always available by email to answer your questions or learn about your IT support needs.
  • Chat and Instant Messaging
    For employees that would rather reach us through chat or instant messaging, we offer that too!
  • Phone
    There are technicians at the ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ready to answer your call and start resolving your IT problems.
  • Online Customer Portal
    Visit our online portal anytime to open a new support ticket or check the status of your support request.

Follow-up on Every Technical Service Engagement

After a ticket gets resolved, you’ll receive an email from your technician to summarize the problem, the solution that was provided, and to gather customer satisfaction data. We deeply appreciate our client feedback, as it’s critical to helping us maintain our world-class customer service.

If for any reason you’re unsatisfied with your service, you’ll be contacted by the MTS management team within 24 hours. They’ll find out about your engagement, learn exactly how we failed to please, and make sure that future technical support requests are handled to your satisfaction.

World-Class Customer Service from NYC’s Veteran IT Service Provider

If you’re interested in partnering with an IT services firm that’s committed to your long-term satisfaction and happiness, we’re always here to help! Contact the Manhattan Tech Support team at 212-299-7673 or to find out more about our managed IT services solutions and how we help businesses in New York City thrive.



Kaytuso – the cybersecurity & regulatory compliance division of ManhattanTechSupport.com LLC.

Exceed Digital – the custom software development and business intelligence solutions division of ManhattanTechSupport.com LLC

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