Sophisticated IT Support and Solutions That Meet the Unique Needs of the Construction Industry

From mobile networks that keep your team connected, informed, and productive, to rock-solid cybersecurity, we understand the needs of modern companies in the construction industry.

IT Services & Solutions for NYC's Construction Companies

No construction company can thrive when their technology infrastructure is functioning poorly. With complex supply chains and inventory relationships to manage and critical project timelines to keep, we know the terrible effect that IT problems and network downtime can have on any construction project.

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For over 20 years, Manhattan Tech Support has been helping companies in the construction industry streamline efficiency and maximize profitability with world-class IT services. Our robust solutions provide everything a construction company needs to thrive in an increasingly technology-driven industry, which includes:

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    Proactive network monitoring and maintenance
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    Friendly and dependable IT help desk support that’s available 24/7
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    Cybersecurity expertise and vigilance that reduces your exposure to risk
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    Comprehensive support for a flat monthly fee with no contracts ever

Our construction industry clients appreciate how we help them tackle these IT challenges

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    Wireless Access Points

    Your technology must extend from your office to each worksite, which often requires using cellular routers to bring network connectivity to your staff working outside the office. No matter whether they’re in a trailer, or twenty stories up, we can help make sure your employees are connected and have the tools to work most efficiently.

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    Specialized Software Expertise

    The construction industry relies on software applications like Autodesk and enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms to work. The Manhattan Tech Support team can use its expertise to help you locate the best solution for your company and configure and maintain those solutions to ensure your technology is always supporting your business goals.

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    Workflow Automation

    The term “digital transformation” refers to the many ways that companies can use IT to update and streamline their business. We can help configure your technology to automate or simplify everyday business processes, like filling out safety forms, employee check-in procedures and many more – increasing your productivity and putting you ahead of the digital curve.

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    VPN Deployment and Maintenance

    Construction companies rely on both remote access (user to network), and site to site (network to network) VPN solutions to ensure secure communication. Our team can help set up a suitable VPN solution and encryption technology, ensure it gets properly deployed, then maintain those systems as your network evolves, ensuring full protection of in-transit data.

We Maximize the Reliability of Your Technology with Proactive Support

In the past, construction companies had to wait until an IT problem occurred before they could seek the help of a technology services firm. The problem is that as soon as systems are down, your staff has already started miscommunicating, delaying projects, or making mistakes. Those costs begin to add up fast, which is why this model of reactive technology support is no longer the best solution.

Leading managed IT service providers like Manhattan Tech Support avoid this problem by proactively monitoring, updating, and maintaining your entire technology system – from the servers in your headquarters to the cell phones and tablets on each of your job sites – ensuring that they all stay in optimal working condition – always.

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We Have the Best IT Help Desk in New York City – And the Reviews to Prove It

The help desk staff at Manhattan Tech Support is well-recognized in the industry to provide friendly, knowledgeable technology support that minimizes the time you spend talking with support personnel while maximizing the productivity of your staff.

We have a policy of never putting clients on long hold, but that’s just one of the things that make our help desk attuned to the needs of the construction industry. Here are some of the other things our construction clients love about our help desk service.

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    Always talk to a live human representative who knows who you are — no more operators!
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    We triage all support requests within 10 minutes.
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    Helpful 24/7 support always available by phone, email, or chat.

Align Your Business and Technology with Our Chief Information Officer (vCIO) Service

Do you know exactly how to spend your IT budget optimally, or could you use an expert to ensure that your business and technology stay in perfect alignment? The virtual chief information officer (vCIO) team at Manhattan Tech Support will sit down with your stakeholders, update them on the latest IT technology stack for the construction industry, and cooperatively develop a progressive roadmap that helps your team achieve its most ambitious goals.

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    vCIO support provides ongoing strategic consulting that aligns your business goals with your network technology.
  • 13
    Our vCIO team is not made of salespeople, but technologists who can help optimize any budget, big or small.
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    Technology in simple, direct English. We’re down-to-earth professionals who can make the latest tech easy and accessible.
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    Cloud Storage Enables Stronger Productivity

    With your data in a cloud storage service like Microsoft Business OneDrive, your team can securely share data in ways that best suits your business goals, ushering in a new era of streamlined collaboration and productivity.

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    Control IT Costs and Budgets

    The team at Manhattan Tech Support can manage your cloud services — like Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud — which can save you the expense and hassle of buying, housing, and managing network and server equipment.

Protect Devices and Data with Comprehensive Cybersecurity Service

The construction industry has historically worried about physical security, like thievery and vandalism. But today, technology disasters like cyberattack and hard drive failure can cause even greater damage to your bottom line, if you’re not careful.

The cybersecurity team at Manhattan Tech Support combines the latest intelligence, world-class expertise, and tireless effort into comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that optimize defenses for your budget and need. With Manhattan Tech Support as your security partner, you have easy access to the full range of cybersecurity services.


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    Securing mobile devices with comprehensive mobile device management (MDM) solutions
  • 18
    Business risk assessment and business continuity (BC) planning
  • 19
    Anti-virus solutions and firewalls to protect servers and important company data
  • 20
    Cybersecurity awareness training to keep employees up to date about the latest threats

A Dependable, Long-Term Technology Partner to the Construction Industry

If you’d like to learn more about how the Manhattan Tech Support team helps construction companies budget more effectively, lower costs, achieve new levels of productivity, and reduce IT-related stress – we’d be happy to explain. Call our team anytime to find out more about our managed IT service packages, designed specifically for the construction industry.

Call us at 212-299-7673, or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

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