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How can I keep up with new and evolving cybersecurity risks?

Can secure computing be achieved without stalling my company’s growth? What are the most severe threats that face my business?

How can I maintain the CIA triad?

These are critical questions that Manhattan Tech Support can answer for you.


The newest malware locks your data and holds it for ransom until you pay up. Stay ahead of this emerging threat.

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Our Cybersecurity solutions also guard against more traditional yet dangerous threats like:

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    Malicious software, like viruses, compromises your data.

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    Unauthorized Access

    Phishing attacks open your systems to cybercriminals.

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    Data Leaks

    The theft or loss of data damages reputations and incurs fines.

Small and Medium-sized businesses are the main targets of cyber attacks - this is how we help:

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    Risk Assessments, Vulnerability Assessments, and Penetration Testing:

    Test for vulnerabilities and implement solutions to minimize risk.

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    Disaster Response and Business Continuity Planning:

    Fortify systems to protect them from inevitable disasters and put a plan in place to get back to business fast.

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    Government Regulatory Compliance:

    Follow state, federal, and international regulations regarding data safety to avoid incurring heavy fines.

With a well-planned security architecture from Manhattan Tech Support, you get:

  • security trespasser detection
    Trespasser Detection

    Protect yourself from hackers and online predators.

  • Susceptibility testing security
    Susceptibility Testing

    We discover any weak areas in your network and offer strategies to fix them.

  • virus defender security
    Virus Defender

    Protect your company from viruses, spyware, and malware.

  • safe log in preferences security
    Safe Login Preferences

    Including virtual private networks, encryption options, and password protection.

Computer Data and Network Security for Small & Medium-Sized Businesses in NYC

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Are you worrying about hackers, viruses, malware and spam? With solid IT data security strategies, you can rest easy knowing you're completely protected. Our network and data security, virus removal, malware, and spam protection solutions give your business thorough protection against dangerous threats to its system.

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Security Assessment

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Don’t leave yourself open to litigation, fines, or the “front page If you’ve caught the news recently, you know that maintaining the security of your business data is tougher – and more critical – than ever. A security assessment from Manhattan Tech Support, (also called a “security audit” or “security review”), will ensure that proper security controls are integrated into your technology environment.

Our tested security assessment methodology includes:


Your comprehensive security report, delivered on conclusion of the assessment, will include:

  • An executive summary
  • Overview of the assessment scope and objectives
  • Assumptions and limitations of the assessment
  • Methods and tools used
  • Design of the current environment or systems with applicable diagrams
  • Security requirements
  • Summary of findings and recommendations
  • Assessment results: General control review
  • Assessment results: Vulnerability test
  • Assessment results: Risk assessment, including identified assets, threats, vulnerabilities, impact and likelihood assessment, and the risk results analysis
  • Recommended actions

Don’t wait another minute. To get started with your no-risk, security assessment, please let us know how to get in touch with you. Your information will not be shared with any third parties.

Is Your Company Ready for World-Class Services from a Trusted Technology Partner?

The depth of knowledge and experience of our engineers at Manhattan Tech Support ensure a protection plan that covers all bases of security for your business in New York City. We provide data and network security solutions that give you the peace of mind to stop stressing about cyber threats and focus on your business. Should your business require data security management, internet security, network, and data security, PC protection, spyware protection, computer data security, wireless network security, or virus removal, we can handle it all. If using the internet is part of your daily business processes, you are already vulnerable to numerous online threats. Fortify your online defenses today, before disaster strikes.

The best defense against any cyber attack is preparedness. Having a team of professional security experts with a stellar track record working to protect you is the best way to avoid becoming an unfortunate cybercrime statistic.

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