Vigilant Ransomware Protection for New York SMBs

Ransomware is now a permanent feature of the threat landscape, protecting yourself will require complex cybersecurity skills and hard work - 24/7. We will help ensure it's done right

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware attacks have made international headlines by crippling computers and networks at major companies, institutions, and government agencies. These attacks have damaged infrastructure, harmed businesses, and cost billions of dollars in damage and lost productivity.

The threat is getting worse. The number of ransomware variants grew by 30-fold in 2017 and 2018, while new technologies are making it possible to build and deploy new undetectable strains of ransomware with the click of a mouse. The rate and variety of ransomware attacks are predicted to increase rapidly in the coming years, driven by the unprecedented level of profit these attacks are generating for cybercriminals.

Percentage of businesses who are confident in their organizations' ability to prevent a ransomware attack.

96% of the Organizations are not Confident in their Ransomware Attack Prevention

Being prepared for a ransomware attack is a time-consuming challenge, and the chances are your business is not ready. A poll by market intelligence firm Osterman Research found that only 4% of respondents in the US indicated their organizations were very confident in their ability to prevent a ransomware attack. Are you in the 96% who could use some help? If so, it’s time to partner with a team of skilled network security professionals and get proactive about the threat ransomware poses to your business.

.. Get Help With Your Company's Strategy manages thousands of workstations and servers in the greater New York City area, and can proudly say that none of them have fallen victim to a ransomware attack. How did we do it? By implementing an aggressive network security strategy for our clients that includes:

Network Security Strategy
  • Software Security Updates
    Software Security Updates

    Proactive patching and updating all your software and applications to close vulnerabilities.

  • Client Education
    Client Education

    Education is key to helping our clients understand the latest in network security best practices and minimizing human error.

Is Your Company Ready for World-Class Services from a Trusted Technology Partner?

The best defense against ransomware is preparedness. Having a team of professional security experts with a stellar track record working to protect you is the best way to avoid becoming an unfortunate ransomware statistic.

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