Top 5 Cloud Computing Pitfalls

October 12, 2016Manhattan Tech Support

Improved accessibility, business agility, reduced capital costs, scalability, data security – these are only a few of the advantages cloud computing can offer your organization. However, many companies rush into moving their data to the cloud without taking the necessary precautions, which can seriously harm their bottom-line.

The following represents a few key points to remember before migrating your business’ data to the cloud:

  • Overloading the cloud. Even though migrating resources to the cloud can be convenient and easy, try not to move too many resources at once because IT may not be able to manage all the data and applications adequately. This can lead to exponential costs.
  • Failing to monitor performance. If you’re not able to monitor and report your applications’ performance in the cloud, you won’t be able to establish value. For this reason, it’s important to establish cloud performance monitoring tools.
  • Lack of cloud knowledge. To avoid a future headache, make sure you have at least one cloud computing expert who’s able to successfully track what’s running in the cloud and what’s on premise—before your cloud infrastructure grows or gets more complex.
  • Risks of platform lock-in. Once you have chosen a cloud computing vendor, it won’t be easy to move your data back on premise. Therefore, be sure the cloud provider you choose is not only the most convenient option, but will also be able to satisfy your business needs.
  • Privacy and security concerns. Keep in mind that moving your data to the cloud means your company’s information will now be managed by a third party. This is why you need to guarantee that the cloud provider you select has all the resources, infrastructure and certifications necessary to keep your data safe.

Cloud computing has proven to offer companies significant operational benefits and cost savings, but if not managed properly, the cloud implementation may result in a complete disaster.  Don’t trust your company’s sensitive data to just anyone! When considering migrating to the cloud, think of – the cloud computing experts who will take proper care of your organization.