The Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Businesses

November 1, 2016Manhattan Tech Support

Cloud computing is a popular IT solution in the business world. If you have yet to outsource your IT infrastructure to a cloud computing company, you might be considering the benefits that it can do for your business. That is why has compiled a list of reasons why your business should consider migrating to the cloud:

  • Lower costs: When you move your company’s data to the cloud, you will have less necessary hardware. This means less maintenance and power costs for your business! Also, a cloud computing system reduces or eliminates the need for a complete in-house IT team.
  • Remote access: Having a cloud solution for your business allows your employees, partners and clients to obtain access and work whenever and wherever they want rather than always having to be at the office.
  • Data backup: With cloud computing you don’t have to worry about losing your data if a natural disaster or simple human error occurs. Storing your information in the cloud provider’s data center makes it much easier to establish secure disaster recovery plans.
  • Scalability: Adding or removing capacity isn’t an issue with cloud computing. You will have the flexibility to change your levels of required storage, RAM and CPU as your company grows.
  • Business agility: By utilizing cloud computing, you will increase the efficiency of your IT system. This will reduce your project delivery time, and give your company an edge over others.

Cloud computing offers multiple benefits to companies. The most appealing advantage for business owners is they are now able to focus on improving their company’s operations instead of worrying about their IT. At, we design and implement cloud solutions for small or mid-sized companies in New York that are tailored to their IT needs. Learn more about our cloud services to see if they are right for your business!