How We Help International Companies Doing Business in NYC Eliminate Technology Concerns

Companies from abroad trust us to address their unique challenges and needs.

January 10, 2020Manhattan Tech Support

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Running a U.S. branch office can be a major challenge for international companies, especially when it comes to ensuring that the office’s IT infrastructure is functioning properly. The computer systems at your NYC branch office need to be properly configured, supported, securely connected with your headquarters, and kept safe from hackers – and that’s often just the start.

World-Class IT Support Across Time Zones

Manhattan Tech Support has a help desk team and engineering staff that possesses a deep understanding of the unique challenges overseas businesses face while operating in the U.S. For over twenty years, we’ve used that expertise to help businesses internationally – especially from the UK and mainland Europe – discover reliable IT in NYC. Here’s how we’ve done it.

World-Class Managed IT Service Solutions for Global Businesses

We customize our managed IT solutions to meet the needs of each international client. As part of our custom-tailored plan for your business, our services always include providing businesses with proactive network management, unlimited on-site and off-site support, and access to our 24/7 IT help desk for a flat monthly fee.

Premier IT Help Desk Support in New York City

Our customers love our affable technologists. See for yourself here. International companies and organizations believe in our expertise to provide reliable, friendly, 24-hour/7-day-a-week remediation of all their technical support issues.

Here are some of the hallmarks of our exceptional help desk service.

  • No Phone Menus or Waiting
    Human answers every call, and if they are unable to address your issue then and there, they will escalate it immediately to someone who can.
  • Top Industry Certifications
    The help desk technicians at Manhattan Tech Support hold certifications from CompTIA, Microsoft, CISCO, or other leading organizations.
  • Friendly, Intelligent Technicians
    Our skilled technicians are trained to respond to the unique needs of each client, and that includes an understanding of international technical standards and practices.

Monthly Flat-Rate Pricing for Your Custom Technology Support

Our monthly flat-fee packages (all of which are tailor-made for your business’ success) provide unlimited on-site and remote support, access to our beloved help desk, strategic virtual chief information officer (vCIO) service, and so much more. This type of service arrangement gives International businesses here in NYC the maximum value for their IT dollar and the ability to budget with greater confidence. When we say a flat monthly fee, we mean it. Your bill will contain no hidden fees or surcharges!

Sophisticated Network Support with No Long-Term Commitment

To provide clients with deeper peace of mind, we’ve also eliminated long-term service contracts. If at any point, our managed IT services fail to earn your high praise, you’re free to switch to a provider who does meet those standards without penalty. The kind of risk-free commitment we offer sets us dramatically apart from other MSPs in the New York City area.

We Work With You Every Step of The Way

Whether you want us to collaborate with your internal IT team to provide supplemental support or completely take over the support functions of your technology – or a hybrid of both: we are always prepared to develop a tailor-made plan that’s suitable for your business. At ManhattanTechSupport, we’ve worked with clients with many different arrangements, but the few things that have always remained consistent are our world-class customer support, peer-less technical expertise, and outstanding work culture.

The Comfort Of Having A Local Presence

Your NYC staff might not have access to your HQ’s IT support team during regular US business hours because of time zone differences. 3:00 PM in New York is 8:00 PM in London or 4:00 AM in Hong Kong – so what happens when someone from your New York City branch needs critical technology support at 4:00 PM local time? With’s world-class domestic IT services, you can rest easy knowing an award-winning partner is always there for your team even if it’s after-hours for your HQ.

Comprehensive Technology Management That’s Customized to Your Needs

When you begin your partnership with Manhattan Tech Support, we’ll arrange a meeting between your IT decision-makers — whether they’re here in NYC or back home — to learn more about your technology and clarify your goals.

This assessment is just the first of our regular meetings with your team to ensure that international barriers are minimized, your technology is always well-aligned with your business goals, and our cooperation is a success.

Comprehensive service for the UK and International businesses cover all your technology:

image of tech for international company


Expertise That Crosses Time Zones 

Having a technology partner who can quickly respond to IT issues and coordinate with your headquarters back home provides a significant competitive advantage. But most managed IT service providers aren’t prepared to manage the time differences between the U.S and your location abroad. 

Manhattan Tech Support has expert staff available 24/7 to field customer service requests and monitor the health of our clients networksOur friendly staff members have years of experience working with overseas firms and have been trained on how to service their unique needsso your operations are always supported. 

Cybersecurity Service Tailored to the Needs of Global Organizations  

International companies pass sensitive business data between offices and employees around the world, which means strongdependable cybersecurity protections are crucial. The team at Manhattan Tech Support’s cybersecurity division, Kaytuso, has helped countless businesses overcome those challenges 

Our team of cybersecurity defenders is ready to secure your branch in the United States 

  • Custom cybersecurity defenses  
  • 24/7 network security monitoring 
  • Regular security audits and testing 
  • Employee awareness training solutions  

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Management
VPNs are critically important for businesses with branch offices in the U.S., allowing sensitive information to move between users and offices securely. The Manhattan Tech Support team will take the complexity out of VPN management, helping you achieve strong, end-to-end encryption for all your company’s data. 

  • Reliable site-to-site and remote access VPN solutions 
  • Router and firewall configuration for optimal VPN security 

Regulatory Compliance Strategy & Consulting  

The challenges of regulatory compliance become far more intense when trying to navigate a foreign compliance landscape. small change to your IT infrastructure — either here or at your primary data center overseas — can require aadjustment to your security or compliance protectionsoften far exceeding the capabilities of your team in the U.S 

We know how to help international companies and organizations prepare their network and applications for all U.S. regulatory measures:  

  • FINRA 
  • PCI-DSS 
  • HIPAA 
  • New State-level Requirements like NYS-DFS 500 & California SB-327 
  • FISMA/FEDRAMP certification preparation 

Design and Plan Your New Technology in NYC 

In addition to managing existing infrastructure, the Manhattan Tech Support team can also provide companies that are new to the U.S. market with a world-class network strategy and design services. Our experience architecting and deploying cutting-edge technologies helps companies confidently establish new operations in the U.S. market. 

  • Designing a network topology that suits your organizational structure and goals 
  • Building and securing server rooms 
  • Choosing the proper network devices such as routers and switches  
  • Cabling of servers and PCs that ensures optimal connectivity and easy maintenance 

Manhattan Tech Support – A Trusted Technology Partner for International Companies

Companies from across the world, especially from Europe and the UK, trust Manhattan Tech Support to help bring new clarity, focus, and predictability to their technology here in the United States. If you have a branch office in the New York City area — or are planning on opening one sometime soon — and want to partner with a team of professionals that are finely tuned to your unique needs, give a call! We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us any time at either 212-299-7673 or !


Kaytuso – the cybersecurity & regulatory compliance division of LLC.

Exceed Digital – the custom software development and business intelligence solutions division of LLC

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