Reliable IT Helpdesk Support That Empowers NYC Businesses

The world-class IT helpdesk team at Manhattan Tech Support solves network and technology problems before they hurt your company’s productivity or profitability.

Managed IT Helpdesk Support

Each network or IT problem that goes unresolved at your business lowers productivity and frustrates your staff. For businesses that lack in-house IT support, this can quickly add up to thousands of dollars per day in losses. Even at organizations that have a well-staffed IT department, the day-to-day management of technology issues can be a costly, time-consuming drain on resources. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to solve these problems while keeping costs low.

Managed It Help Desk

The helpdesk at Manhattan Tech Support is staffed by friendly, knowledgeable experts who are available 24/7 to quickly resolve the IT problems your business is facing, from minor bugs and slowdowns to the major system-wide issues that can cripple productivity. Over two decades, we’ve developed an outstanding track-record for providing small and midsized companies in New York City with highly-reliable, flat-rate help desk support.

Some of the common problems our help desk can help you solve:

  • Slow or crashed computers
  • Accidentally deleted files & folders
  • Printing problems
  • Internet connectivity & speed issues
  • Improper configurations or settings
  • And many more!

A Track-Record of Help Desk Excellence

Our help desk gives you access to a team of friendly, trustworthy experts — day and night — to keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly. Here’s how our process works.

  • Something's Not Right
    Something’s Not Right

    Your team discovers that your technology isn’t working as it should. Don’t panic!

  • Contact MTS Support
    Contact MTS Support

    The help desk team at Manhattan Tech Support is available around the clock by phone or email to provide support.

  • Tell Us About It
    Tell Us About It

    We’ll gather information about the problem and immediately start resolving it.

  • Problem Solved
    Problem Solved

    We can fix some problems remotely, while others will require a technician to come on-site. Either way, your problem is addressed immediately, before it hurts your business.

24/7 Help Desk Support

NYC’s Friendliest, Most Professional 24/7 IT Help Desk

Whenever you need us, we’ll be there. The help desk team is available around the clock to provide a solution to whatever IT issue you’re facing. Not only are we experts in resolving IT problems, but our help desk staff is famous for its positive attitude and ability to explain technical concepts in plain English.

Certifications from Today’s Leading IT Vendors

Manhattan Tech Support holds accreditations from today’s leading hardware and software vendors. This includes Microsoft small business partner certification, as well as certifications from VMware, Cisco, Google, Apple, Netgear, Symantec and many more. Our partnerships and certifications demonstrate our commitment to today’s best practices as well as working with the industry’s most valuable vendors.

World-Class Help Desk Support at a Predictable Price

All of our help desk service — no matter how much on-site or remote support or maintenance work is required — is billed at a single, affordable and predictable monthly fee that contains no hidden costs or surcharges. Transparent pricing provides businesses with dependability and predictability that won’t ever threaten their bottom line, no matter how much IT support they require.

The Help Desk Support That’s Always Accessible

Over decades of service to NYC’s small and medium-sized business community, we’ve come to value the fact that each company has its unique IT help desk needs. To best serve our clients, we offer access to the help desk in several ways, any of which you can use to get a fast response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Email

    Our team is always available by email to answer your questions or learn about your IT support needs.

  • Phone

    There are technicians at our New York City office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to answer your call and start resolving your IT problems.

  • Remote Support
    Remote Support

    We have the latest IT help desk systems and processes in place, which gives us the ability to quickly fix many problems remotely from our network operations center in New York City.

  • Onsite Support
    Onsite Support

    For any problem we can’t solve remotely, we can dispatch an engineer right away —day or night — to ensure your system is back to operational as quickly as possible.

Help Desk and Support Packages That Meet Every Need

We’re passionate about aligning our technology support services with the business needs of our customers, which means flexible, fully-customized IT support that meets your specific requirements.

Help Desk

Fully-Managed IT Help Desk

Businesses without in-house IT staff realize lowered-costs, increased productivity, and less stress with our full-service IT support and help desk packages. As a leading provider of IT services in New York City, we possess documented processes for helping businesses in a wide variety of industries manage and maintain their data and network infrastructure.

Flexible Help Desk Support for Companies with IT Staff

Companies that already have internal IT staff can benefit from working with a trusted help desk partner. Our team of experts can assist you to proactively fix daily issues or provide high-level expertise to address the problems your in-house IT department is unprepared to solve.

Exceptional Help Desk Service That Requires No Contract

We never lock a business into a long-term service contract because we’re confident that once we start managing their technology issues, they’ll never want to switch IT support providers again. If we stop earning a client’s trust and respect, they’re free to switch help desk providers — no strings attached.

Contact Us to Learn More About NYC’s Most Trusted IT Help Desk

Want to learn more about our industry-leading IT helpdesk and support services? We’re always happy to answer questions and explain in greater depth how we help businesses solve their technology problems. Contact us any time at 212-299-7673 or use the email form located on our contact page by clicking the button below. We look forward to speaking with you!

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