3 Reasons Your Company Should Be Using a Cisco Meraki Network

April 4, 2017Manhattan Tech Support

In the digital age, it’s not always easy to manage your business. And with so many options for network management at your disposal, it can be tough to know which one is right for your needs. These days, most companies are opting to use the cloud for access. Specifically created with cloud networking in mind, Cisco Meraki equipment can manage your wireless network needs, including increased security and mobile use.

With 2 million devices connected around the world, selecting a Meraki reseller in your area won’t be difficult. But before you decide on your Meraki reseller, you’ll probably want to learn a bit more about how a Meraki platform can help your business. Here, we’ll take a closer look at the three benefits of Meraki access points and using the Meraki dashboard to manage your organization.

  1. It’s always available
    Because Meraki is a cloud-managed platform, you can access your network even when you aren’t at the office. Whether you need to view a document at home before the next morning’s meeting or need to access your files while you’re out of town, you won’t ever have to worry about sending emails to yourself or having to use a work computer to get the job done. This is especially good news for telecommuters or for employees who have more flexible work schedules. And because the network can be accessed via mobile, access won’t ever be compromised just because you aren’t at your desk.
  2. Meraki takes suggestions seriously
    Simply put, Meraki support can’t be beat. According to Cisco, the platform you’ll obtain through your Meraki reseller always keeps “feature velocity” at the forefront. The network is constantly improving and gives high priority to feedback the company gets from its end users. There’s even a feature on the Cisco Meraki dashboard to “Make a Wish,” which allows you to express concerns you want certain pages to address. Since Meraki was acquired by Cisco in 2012, they’ve addressed and granted more than 10,000 of these customer wishes. With other networking and management options, you may feel like you’re stuck with a system that needs improvement; when you use Meraki, you can feel secure in the knowledge that your concerns will be heard and changes will be made.
  3. The system offers better security
    Security is a top priority for almost any business. If you’re using a cloud network, you need to ensure all communications are secure. With Meraki, any and all traffic to and from the main interface is sent through an encrypted layer for added security. And with the way Meraki is set up, there is no chance clients could access your dashboard — or even the servers it uses. Meraki is unique in that regular network communications are kept completely separate from management communications. And although the possibility for malicious attacks are present with any network, Meraki limits the potential access points in a way that regular wireless networks cannot. That means you’ll have to spend less effort and money on your cyber security efforts; you’ll already be ahead of the game.

Interested in switching over to a Cisco Meraki platform but aren’t sure where to start? As an authorized Meraki reseller, Manhattan Tech Support can address all of your needs. For more information, contact us today.