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Small and medium-sized businesses in New York are working smarter not harder thanks to G Suite.

Google’s G Suite has garnered over 4 million users in 2018; that’s double the number from the previous year! And while the majority of their customers are SMBs, larger enterprises such as Nielsen Holdings Plc, Colgate-Palmolive Co., and Verizon Communications Inc., have turned to G Suite, and for good reason: productivity.


G Suite offers a wide array of intuitive and powerful business apps integrated in one package. These include but are not limited to Gmail, Docs, Drive, Forms, and Calendar. Whether you need to create presentations, analyze data, collaborate with colleagues, manage users, or access confidential files, you can do so on-demand anywhere, any time.

Here’s what you can expect from Google’s G Suite.

Peak Productivity

Enjoy any time, anywhere access to Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, and other software needed to get work done. Collaborate in real-time, make suggestions and comments, track revisions, and get access to the latest files hassle-free.

Professional Email

Send email from your business web address (, create group mailing lists, manage accounts, and give users access from an easy-to-use dashboard. Gmail business email accounts even let you make video calls, store instant messages, and sync information from Outlook.

Generous Storage

G Suite has you covered with ample online storage space, starting from 30GB in the Basic edition and unlimited storage in the Business and Enterprise edition. Rest easy knowing there will always be enough space for your applications and files.

Robust Mobile Device Management

Work with confidence knowing your confidential data are kept safe and secure — even if your device is lost or stolen. G Suite lets you set passwords, track devices, and erase data from a single dashboard.

Powerful Admin Controls

Manhattan Tech Support can handle the administration for you - we can set up groups, add and remove users, and enforce two-step verification and single sign-on from one admin console, so it's less for you to worry about.

Integrate G Suite into your day-to-day operations and reap the following benefits:

Easy to use interface

Most organizations nowadays use Google products, which means your employees are most likely aware of their features and usage. Unlike switching to an unfamiliar platform, using G Suite completely eliminates tedious workforce training so you can focus on core business processes.

Enhanced email protection

G Suite takes advantage of its machine learning abilities to expose unauthorized logins and block spam emails. It prevents viruses from getting into your system by scanning all email attachments before any internal download attempts.

Effortless business expansion

Your growing business may require changes in office space, staff, processes, and applications. But with G Suite’s easily configurable expansion features, you have far fewer hassles to worry about. For example, it allows you to seamlessly add and delete users as needed rather than purchasing a new platform just to adapt to the changes.

99.9% uptime

Google’s Service Level Agreement guarantees 99.9% uptime to ensure businesses experience minimum disruption and maximum customer satisfaction. Furthermore, G Suite doesn’t require maintenance windows so you can enjoy nonstop operations.

Setting Up G Suite Requires Expertise

Migrating to G Suite and configuring Gmail, Drive, and other software can be tricky for someone with limited technical knowledge. It’s best to work with a Google partner like Manhattan Tech Support who can configure everything to your exact needs. Our experts can help with G Suite migration, customization, employee training, and ongoing support so you have nothing to worry about.

Boost data security, streamline work processes, enhance collaboration, and experience 99.9% uptime guarantee with G Suite!

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