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January 23, 2020Manhattan Tech Support

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Cloud computing is a transformative trend in network technology, driving greater productivity and efficiency for over a decade. That doesn’t mean that businesses have realized the full potential of the cloud yet. Many companies still report ongoing difficulty and dissatisfaction with their cloud migration and management, often due to a lack of cloud expertise and resources.

Manhattan Tech Support is an innovative provider of managed cloud solutions, which means we put all the skills and expertise you need to build and maintain a customized cloud program within easy reach for a single flat-rate, monthly fee.

What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing is a method of locating IT software and services in a remote data center, then accessing those services on demand across the Internet. By locating your applications in the cloud, your business saves the expense of buying and managing new hardware while enjoying greater stability, flexibility, and reliability.

Successful Cloud Migrations Start with Careful Analysis

More than 77% of all companies have some portion of their infrastructure in the cloud already. What’s driven this rapid adoption of the cloud is the promise of decreased IT capital expenditure, more efficient business processes, and better worker productivity.

Despite the many benefits, a high number of cloud migrations fail. In over ten years of service to New York businesses, we’ve noticed a few key mistakes that organizations make when trying to embrace the cloud.

Choosing the Wrong Cloud Services and Applications

Selecting the wrong applications to migrate to the cloud — or putting the right applications into the wrong cloud environment — both diminish the performance of your services, harm productivity and contribute to unexpected cost over-runs.

Lack of a Holistic Vision for Your Cloud Migration

Before you begin migrating services to the cloud, you need to have a vision for how your cloud services will integrate with your existing technology and processes. To ensure success, this vision must anticipate any potential problems, like compliance or security issues.

Failure to Optimize and Test

Cloud migrations are like any other IT project in that they must be proactively optimized, maintained, and tested to make sure that it’s delivering maximum benefit. Without an experienced partner in their corner, businesses may skip this vital step, resulting in instability or less-than-optimal efficiency gains.

Managed cloud services from Manhattan Tech Support takes the guesswork and uncertainty out of cloud migration.

Infrastructure Management in Today’s Cloud Era

It’s a common misconception to think that just because you’ve migrated IT services in the cloud, you don’t need to manage or maintain them. This myth is perpetuated by a group of cloud computing firms who want to convince you that their services are a silver bullet to the complexities of IT infrastructure management.

It’s not true. While cloud computing can simplify and reduce the cost of maintaining IT infrastructure, like any business technology, your cloud services must be properly deployed and maintained to ensure strong integration and long-term stability.

Cloud solutions from Manhattan Tech Support give businesses the on-going expertise they need to ensure their cloud initiative delivers maximum ROI over the long term.

Application-level support

With a mix of the right tools and processes, our team can proactively manage your cloud vendors and applications to ensure the maximum quality of service (QoS). Our cloud application services cover a broad range of support issues, including:

  • Expert integration of on-premise and software-as-a-service applications
  • Monitoring application resource consumption and performance
  • Ensuring application security using specialized cloud security tools

Infrastructure-level support

The virtual machines (VMs) on cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platforms must be maintained, just like a physical server or PC needs to be maintained. Companies trust our experts to take the complexity out of proper VM and cloud infrastructure management.

  • Patching and maintaining virtual machines (VMs)
  • Proactive monitoring to maintain VM health
  • Deploying VPN connections so employees can access the cloud with privacy and security
  • Configuring 100% uptime and availability with customized, multi-cloud cloud solutions
  • Endpoint security for local devices connecting to cloud services

Microsoft Azure – An Evolving Set of Next-Generation Cloud Computing Tools

Microsoft Azure is a set of cloud computing services that integrates infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) functionality into one unified platform.

One of the reasons Azure has become so popular with businesses big and small is that it offers deep integration with the entire Microsoft ecosystem, including Office 365, SharePoint, Windows Server, SQL Server, Dynamics Active Directory, and the .NET programming framework. This integration makes achieving reliable productivity easier and more efficient than using other cloud platforms that don’t have this native compatibility.

Manhattan Tech Support is an Elite Microsoft Partner

We’re very proud of our status as a certified Microsoft partner. That certification means that our team of engineers is ready to offer the highest possible level of service for the deployment, configuration, and support of Microsoft cloud applications, including Azure, Office 365, and others.

New York City Trusts Manhattan Tech Support’s Cloud Expertise

As one of the highest-rated technology service providers in New York City, we take great pride in our ability to simplify the complex cloud migration and management process and help businesses achieve the highest possible return on their cloud computing investment.

If you’re a business in NYC that wants to make the most of the cloud, but doesn’t know where to start, partner with an expert who can help ensure the cloud meets your exact needs! Our award-winning team is available any time to answer your questions and help you realize the true benefit of cloud computing.

Contact us any time at 212-299-7673 or . We look forward to speaking with you!



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