Understanding managed Connectivity

What is managed connectivity and how can it help your business?

October 19, 2022Manhattan Tech Support

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There are fewer things that can hobble a work day the way downtime can. It doesn’t matter if it’s your phone, your internet, or any of the IoT devices connected to it. Anytime something goes offline, it’s an issue.

managed connectivity

Downtime becomes especially hard to manage because if you can’t get it fixed right away, you’re stuck not being able to work. Even if you’ve got an in-house tech team, there isn’t always a guarantee they’ll get to something right away.

That’s where managed connectivity comes in.

What is Managed Connectivity?

Managed connective is a managed service offered by MSPs that takes all aspects of maintaining connectivity from your business. This includes making sure that you’re experiencing maximum uptime, but also takes care of details like vendor management, security, upgrades, device management, and anything related to staying connected.

What does it mean for your business?

The goal with managed connectivity is first and foremost to ensure that your organization is maximizing uptime. Because managed connectivity often involves monitoring, it puts you in a position to notice small issues before they become huge problem.

On top of that, you’re removing a whole slew of tasks from either your internal tech team or employees who just happen to be good at computers because you’ve outsourced even the smallest of tasks, like “This printer is offline.” These tasks often don’t take long, but over time, they can eat up a shocking amount of time.

Ultimately, what this does is allows you and your team, both technical and non-technical, to focus on what they do best.

You also gain the knowledge of people with a more thorough understanding of how everything works together. It’s not just enough to know how to plug it all in and turn it off. There’s often a deeper level of inter-connectivity possible, where you can create greater efficiencies and even tighter security. A managed connectivity team is going to better understand how it all fits together and will be able to configure everything in a way that is fine-tuned to the way your business operates.

Best of all, you’re saving money along the way because you’re working with a team that isn’t guessing what’s going to work. They’re using tested approaches, tools, and best practices that come from experience.

How does it impact digital transformation, change management, innovation, and security?

Perhaps the biggest impact managed connectivity has is that it removes both the work of managing connections from your business and it removes the barriers to digital transformation that can unknowingly exist in your organization.

What both of these things mean is that when you’re not responsible for the doing (or the planning) of the connectivity end of your business, you have more freedom to push forward with the various digital efforts you have underway.

For example, if you’re trying to do something, but you need to increase data caps on your internet to make it happen, you don’t have to stop and do that. You reach out to your managed connectivity provider and they do it. Even better, if you don’t know what your needs are, you can ask.

Managed connectivity providers spend their days learning what’s current, what’s coming up, what best practices are, and all that. This means you don’t have to worry about the specifics or what’s happening in the industry. As mentioned, you can ask for it to happen and the managed connectivity providers make it happen.

All this means you have a smoother road for your digital transformation efforts and you’re not burdening your internal tech team with everything. They can focus on the big-picture details. 

How can a managed service provider (MSP) help you adopt managed connectivity?

An MSP can help you adopt managed connectivity by providing the services you need. MSPs are designed to manage your business technology almost by definition. It’s what they do.

When you work with an MSP to introduce managed connectivity into your business, you’re ensuring that everything is done in a way that’s not going to let you down when you need it, that you’re getting a set-up that’s secure, and that you’re covered should anything happen. MSPs work closely with you to determine what your needs are, what tech and tools can help you satisfy those needs, and they take care of all the details to successfully implement a system that works.

If you’d like to find out more about how managed connectivity can help your business. Let’s talk. Our experts have more than 20 years of experience helping organizations manage all the technology that powers your business, including connectivity. Contact us today to find out more.

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