Server Virtualization: How does it Work?

November 22, 2016Manhattan Tech Support

It seems like virtual servers are here to stay, but do you understand exactly how this increasingly popular solution works? With virtualization, a single piece of hardware is able to support multiple systems or servers. Although industry professionals have been experimenting with virtual machines for years, virtualization has only recently become mainstream for in-house production environments within the last few years.

Because of all the advantages that server virtualization offers businesses, we can bet that this technology will be a hot topic for quite some time. Hardware reduction, cost savings and improved performance are a few of the benefits that business owners receive and here’s why:

  • Hardware reduction. By consolidating multiple physical servers into a virtual one, companies can unclutter their offices from hardware that is no longer needed and make better use of their space.
  • Cost savings. With a virtual server, there’s no need for upfront costs in hardware or software. In most cases, companies who offer virtualization services take care of it for a flat monthly fee.
  • Flexibility. Adding or removing levels of capacity is simple on a virtualized server. This also provides companies with the ability to focus on improving their overall businesses operations.
  • Technical support. Many server virtualization providers employ local engineers to ensure their clients will have access to high quality support whenever they need it most.
  • Security. Storing your information off site reduces the threat of losing information and in case of an emergency, allows for a much faster recovery. This also gives you the ability to utilize point-in-time snapshots. If an issue were to occur, you can easily refer back to the snapshot for inspection.

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