How Manhattan Tech Support Helps You Achieve Your KPIs

There are clear, quantifiable business benefits of having a technology partner who understands your industry and goals

September 12, 2020Manhattan Tech Support

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The ways that organizations benefit from customized, reliable, and strategically-aligned technology aren’t abstract; its benefits are easily defined and tracked. With dedicated divisions, the Manhattan Tech Support team delivers bottom-line benefits to companies in three equally important areas: cybersecurity and compliance, digital strategy and transformation, and IT support services.

Industry Experience That Helps You Determine Meaningful KPIs

A critical first step in forming a partnership is to first define the terms of success. Each firm has its own goals and requires technology that’s aligned with those goals. Without proper alignment, companies may look to the wrong KPIs to determine success, resulting in wasted budget or effort.

To help you achieve this alignment, we start every engagement with a thorough onsite review of your technology and business processes. Conducted by our senior engineers, this audit helps reveal areas of inefficiency while giving us an opportunity to better understand your people and company culture.

Next, our team will help you identify the KPIs that are most relevant to your goals. These KPIs help guide our later work and gives you a clear sense of how our partnership is contributing to your success.

Our onboarding audit resolves long-standing issues and defines your KPIs.

  • Locate inefficient, siloed systems and software
  • Identify cybersecurity and compliance shortcomings
  • Recommend solutions to streamline business processes
  • Improve technology systems to better service customers

Dependable Technology That Frees You from Fear

Network uptime refers to how much of the time your technology systems are fully operational, while availability, often measured as a percentage, shows you how consistently services are being offered to end-users. Both are important KPIs for determining the impact of a technology support solution and are central measurements of our success.

Using our state-of-the-art network operation center (NOC), the Manhattan Tech Support team measures not just network uptime and availability, but a comprehensive list of KPIs that show the overall health of your environment. These KPIs, which are the subject of regular review with your stakeholders, help us improve the dependability of your network, while also enabling us to provide better service.

  • Application performance
  • Network utilization
  • Telecommunications jittery and latency
  • Help desk ticketing and issue resolution

Disaster recovery and business continuity services

Business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DC) solutions are imperative in this technology-driven era of constant collaboration and the creation of massive amounts of corporate data. Network equipment failure, cyberattack, and even employee error could all cause catastrophic damages if you don’t have a clear, well-rehearsed plan for recovery.

With decades of experience building disaster recovery and business continuity solutions for the NYC business community, we know which KPIs are best suited to measure success. We’ll use those KPIs to guide the design and deployment of a DR and BC solution that covers each of your key systems.

Here are just a few of the relevant KPIs our team can help you improve

  • Recovery time objective (RTO)
  • Recovery point objectives (RPO)
  • Testing and simulation metrics
  • Time to BC and DR plan updates

Improve Your Cybersecurity Protections with Data

Data can provide great insight into the effectiveness of your cybersecurity and compliance efforts, especially in the hands of a recognized expert like Kaytuso, Manhattan Tech Support’s cybersecurity division.

The Kaytuso team will help you define security KPIs that are relevant to your business, then provide ongoing monitoring of those KPIs to ensure they stay relevant to your business, and within the targets that we’ve discussed with your leadership.

How do you measure cybersecurity preparedness?

Your network is a sprawling collection of cloud devices, mobile devices, PCs, servers, and more. Having a data-driven approach to measuring and scoring your level of cybersecurity readiness helps you set more effective security goals

Regular vulnerability scanning helps you locate a range of unidentified devices on your network and find software that needs updating — both which present a serious security vulnerability.

Other cybersecurity KPIs that Kaytuso can help you manage include

  • Total number of cybersecurity events
  • Cost per cybersecurity incident
  • Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR)
  • Patching and update cadences
  • KPIs for cloud vendor management and security

Better Gauge Client Experience and Satisfaction

A new, data-driven digital landscape has made it easier than ever for you to understand your customers and provide them a better customer experience. The downside of this being, that now they expect a better customer experience!

Expectations for customer service, consistent branding, user interface design, and all the other aspects of that make up the customer experience have increased dramatically in recent years. In fact, research from Kantar shows that customer experience is the next big competitive advantage, helping them cross-sell their services and gain a higher share of deposits.

The Benefits of Modern Business Intelligence Systems

Business intelligence (BI) systems empower your firm with the next level of business reporting. Gone are the days of passing clunky, error-prone spreadsheets back and forth by email. Today’s BI platforms offer the ability to gather and visualize data in real-time, enabling you to keep your team focused on client satisfaction metrics with unprecedented clarity.

Manhattan Tech Support and its dedicated digital transformation division, Exceed Digital, can help guide you through the entire complex process of building a fully customized business intelligence (BI) solution.

Ingest data from all your applications

Devices and applications like websites, customer portals, and email systems, are producing valuable customer data, but many firms are failing to fully realize the competitive advantage in this data.

Our team will you strategically gather data from throughout your organization to build a data warehouse that provides consistent insight into your company’s KPIs

Visualize data with ease

Microsoft Power BI and other similar systems allow your staff to create informative, attractive graphs, diagrams, and charts with ease, shedding light on important customer service KPIs.

Share and collaborate

Putting customer experience data into shareable, real-time dashboards allows your team to stay on the same page and rally around company goals, without time-wasting back and email exchanges.

Data Drive Technology Support for Finance

There’s no replacement for having the benefit of a technology partner who has specialized skills to meet the needs of your organization. It’s even better when that partner can help provide quantifiable proof of the many ways that your technology is helping you achieve your goals.

NYC businesses looking to improve their technology, increase accountability, and strengthen decision-making processes should call us to find out more. Our friendly team of experts is eager to help you guide you through our solutions and help you understand the bottom-line benefit they can.

To speak with our team, you can either call us at 212-299-7673 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to speaking with you!



Kaytuso – the cybersecurity & regulatory compliance division of LLC.

Exceed Digital – the custom software development and business intelligence solutions division of LLC

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