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Feel the difference an award-winning managed services provider can make for your business. It feels almost as good as that first sip of morning coffee. Almost.

We're A Premier, Multiple Award-Winning Technology Partner Offering Best-In-Class Solutions For A Flat-Monthly Rate

It’s time for a technology partner that gets the job done, anywhere, any time, every time.

Thankfully, the end of the pandemic is closer than ever. As vaccines are being rolled out, regulations are loosening and cities are starting to loosen up. That’s good news for your business (and everyone’s social life).

With business expected to blast off like a rocket to Mars, it’s more important than ever to choose a technology partner you can trust. Not just trust in the middle of a workday, but completely count on at all times.

At ManhattanTechSupport.com, we pride ourselves on being best-in-class IT providers. We even have the fancy awards to prove it. Awards, however, are only part of the story.

Commitment to our customers throughout the pandemic has been our most critical asset.

Throughout the pandemic, we went above and beyond to help all our clients; whether it be going remote or network issues or connectivity – no matter what happened, we were there for our clients and they did not pay a single dime more for all the support we gave them.

Many MSPs shuttered, cut back, or even delivered poor customer service – not us. Our company grew and CSAT scores were through the roof (#humblebrag).

All joking aside, we take IT services very seriously and are proactive to ensure incredible service that is implemented and managed with your success in mind.

Are you ready to grow? Don’t stay with your IT company because it’s “what you’ve always used.” Feel the difference that Manhattan Tech Support can make for your business. One of our clients described the switch as “going from instant coffee to gourmet coffee with a pastry on the side.”

Grit, resilience, and strength are the cornerstone of our service. We were tested throughout the pandemic and came out stronger. We never changed our contracts or even charged a single penny more for moving many of our clients to decentralized, work-from-home environments.

We are true partners, here to support your business.

Give your business the jolt it needs (without the jitters). Managed IT services and much more are just a click away.

Key Statistics - many businesses are changing their plans:

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44% are increasing the pace of their digital transformation

 33% are tightening their security and risk and governance management

 36% are working on improving their IT operations and systems performance

The benefit of having a world-class technology partner

The experts at Manhattan Tech Support will sit down with your executive team, discuss your plans, and offer insights that help you make the right technology decisions. We’re here for you.

Highest-rated MSP

The highest-rated and most-loved MSP in NYC

Experienced leader

Over 20 years – an experienced leader in the technology services industry trusted by hundreds of businesses in NYC and beyond

CSAT score

Near-Perfect CSAT score highlights our dedication to world-class customer service and expertise


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