Common mistakes when writing a resume


Attention to detail

One of the most common weaknesses and reasons for rejecting a resume are spelling and grammatical errors. Even if you use spell and grammar checks, remember that they are not perfect; take a family member or friend you can trust to check your CV. Alternatively, you can find practical techniques for writing important letters, resumes, resumes, emails, etc. on

There is not enough information

In most cases, the CV should be short, but it should also provide information to the reader to make an informed decision about your suitability. Not every candidate will be invited for an interview, so that you can be considered a short list; provide them with enough information so that they do not reject you.

A standard CV should be enough to fill two A4 pages, try to keep it up to this length; accept that the reader is a busy person who does not have time to read five or six pages of your career history. If you can convince them to give you a 2-page interview, your CV has served its purpose.

Use of cliches

Don't make a list of phrases like "Excellent communication skills," "Enjoy working under pressure," or "Working well as a team." If you want to demonstrate these skills or qualities, the best way to do this is to describe them in your roles or in a key skills section where you can say exactly how you used these skills, such as “Excellent communicator responsible for teaching new staff members. "

Contact information

When writing a professional resume, it is now common practice for most HR departments and hiring managers not to expect your home address in your resume. The location in the area (for example, based in Anytown) is good.

Make sure you have the correct current contact information. Include an email address, but remember that this is a professional document, do not use what you think is a funny address that your future employer may not like to send an email to fluffybunny{@}! Just get a new email address in your name.

However, if you want a professional, personal resume to give you the opportunity to be interviewed using the services of a online resume writing services, you should seriously consider it.