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Our Team Worked Around The Clock To Ensure Our Clients Remain Operational During This Crisis

In the wake of the recent coronavirus outbreak in NYC, thousands of businesses have been forced to close their offices and send their employees home – to work remotely. This has caused an unprecedented burden on many MSPs and has strained their limited resources as they struggle to get their clients set up to work securely and smoothly from home.

But NOT at Manhattan Tech Support.

As NYC’s most highly rated IT provider, we were born in the cloud.  We’ve perfected the art of remotely delivering award-winning technology and world-class IT service to New York Metro based SMBs and enterprises for over two decades.  We’re helping hundreds of companies change the way they work during this crisis while keeping the wheels of business turning.

Our world-class tech talents pulled in nights and weekends going above and beyond for each one of our clients in their time of need – true white-glove customer service and we did ALL this for NO additional costs to our clients. Yeap – no surcharges, surprise fees, or add-ons.

In times of uncertainty, we must never lose sight of the importance of our work. As other MSPs give up entirely or provide subpar solutions, we remain deeply committed to ensuring best-in-class service delivery during times of disruption – and always. When you work with a world-class, award-winning technology partner like MTS, you get a team that recognizes that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

We’re already helping hundreds of businesses make a seamless transition from their office to remote locations in New York. Do you need help?

Key Statistics

Manhattan Tech Support

We provide an entire team of expert technologists uniting wide-ranging skill sets and decades of advanced industry experience for a single, monthly fee

Average base salary

$77k is the average base salary of an IT Support Engineer in New York City with limited hardware, software, systems, and application experience

Proactive support

Proactive support helps you increase productivity, strengthen competitive advantage and effortlessly streamline and scale business operations.

The benefit of having a trusted IT consultant

The experts at Manhattan Tech Support will sit down with your executive team, discuss your plans, and offer insights that help you make the right technology decisions. How does that help you?

Highest-rated MSP

The highest-rated MSP in NYC. Period.

Experienced leader

Over 20 years – an experienced leader in the technology services industry trusted by hundreds of businesses in NYC and beyond

CSAT score

Near-Perfect CSAT score highlights our dedication to world-class customer service and expertise


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