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One In Three Security Breaches Involve Phishing. Train Your Employees To Spot The Red Flags.

Increasingly, organizations see phishing as their greatest security threat. People are often more susceptible to compromise as compared to technology, and this is why intruders find more success when they target people as opposed to IT infrastructures.

Social engineering techniques are becoming more sophisticated as they resemble real-world situations more closely. Threat actors can easily create communication templates that appear to come from trusted senders like Amazon, Microsoft, etc. If any member of your staff engages with those contents, it can dangerously expose your company network to malicious cybercriminals.

A successful phishing simulation program has clearly defined objectives and covers several approaches. It includes leveraging email to send highly customized messages to your company’s key decision-makers, staff in business-critical positions (e.g. accounting, finance), and other vulnerable team members in an attempt to evaluate their alertness because they can expose your technology infrastructure to intrusion if they fall for an actual phishing attack. When employees go through these “stress-tests”, a true picture of strengths and weaknesses, as relates to people, begins to emerge.

Benefits of our phishing simulation include:

  • Identify vulnerabilities relating to techniques that target people
  • Visualize the damages a successful attack can cause
  • Gain insight into the behaviors of exposed team members

Cybercriminals are constantly trying out new techniques and approaches. This is why companies who want a resilient information security posture should commit to getting their people and processes tested regularly.

Sign up today. Existing clients and qualified organizations are eligible to get a month of free phishing simulation and cybersecurity training designed by Kaytuso,’s advanced cybersecurity division, to test staff readiness on today’s latest threats.

Given this training program’s importance, we have deliberately kept the pricing extremely reasonable to maximize client accessibility and reach. Details here:

  • $150 per month for up to 50 users
  • $250 per month for up to 100 users
  • More than 100 users? Call us to discuss

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Key Statistics

64% of organizations have experienced a phishing attack in the past year

34% of organizations see careless or unaware employees as a vulnerability

94% of malware delivered to organizations was via email

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