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With thousands of calls and tickets addressed from the onset of Covid-19’s NYC shutdown, our entire team here at Manhattan Tech Support have led the way in providing white-glove IT support service to our valued client base in NYC and beyond. Our expert techs worked tirelessly – including nights and weekends – to deploy superior, stabilizing remote access solutions in unconventional landscapes to keep business moving – over-delivering once again when our customers needed us most.

What’s more, we did this ALL for NO extra charges or fees outside of our typical monthly, flat-rate support agreements. Not a single dime was billed to our clients for completely moving them to decentralized, work-from-home environments.

This is the MTS way.

So what were we up to when the world’s greatest city was shut down? 3,000+ calls answered. 2,500+ tickets closed. 1,500+ cups of coffee consumed. All while maintaining an astounding 96% customer satisfaction (CSAT) score during an unprecedented time of anxiety, and uncertainty.

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Key Statistics

450+ client calls answered per day – that’s a 100% increase from our typical, pre-crisis days

96% – our stunning customer satisfaction score during the emergency signaling superior service delivery

Incoming client tickets increased 71% during the crisis and we successfully closed them all

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Highest-rated MSP

The highest-rated and most-loved MSP in NYC

Experienced leader

Over 20 years – an experienced leader in the technology services industry trusted by hundreds of businesses in NYC and beyond

CSAT score

Near-Perfect CSAT score highlights our dedication to world-class customer service and expertise


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