Exploring 3 Major Benefits Of Microsoft Exchange Online

Exploring 3 Major Benefits Of Microsoft Exchange Online

Of all digital tools and resources available to small and medium sized enterprises, Exchange Online may be one of the most effective at streamlining communication between employees. In fact, among companies with 100 or more users, 67% installed Exchange Online. But before you decide on an interface for your business communication needs, you should understand the vast benefits that Microsoft Exchange provides to its subscribers. Here are just a few advantages of Microsoft Exchange Online.

Keep Data Collection Consistent

Exchange Online makes it easier than ever to archive and retain emails and documents in their primary emails. This allows employees the flexibility and freedom to use and dispose of emails at their own discretion without taking up unavailable space on overloaded servers. Microsoft Exchange Online's liberal retention policies enable users to control their storage and compliance demands while remaining productive.

Optimize Collaboration

Exchange Online truly optimizes the way employees can interact and collaborate with each other, even if they're not in the office together. Users can enter new projects with the click of a button and see former comments and edits on projects as well. These tools streamline communication and efficiency, resulting in increased productivity and fewer storage and collaboration mistakes or mishaps.

Friendly Across Multiple Devices

There's not much use that comes with investing in a software system that has a less-than-friendly user interface. Employees who aren't as tech savvy can easily grow frustrated and want to go back to the outdated way of doing things. With these types of communication and collaboration systems, ease of use is an absolute necessity. Microsoft Exchange Online's user interface is designed with maximum simplicity in mind, the learning curve is virtually nonexistent, meaning employees can be ready to use the various programs in little to no time at all. Not only that, but the program is available on almost any device, whether it be a work computer, laptop, desktop, smart phone, or tablet. Now that's convenience.

Ultimately, being aware of the benefits of Exchange Online can help you make the best decisions when it comes to exploring Office 365 support options for your IT department needs. For more information about how receiving technology help for work computers, contact Manhattan Tech Support.