Here’s What Experts Think Are The Biggest Digital Security Mistakes

Here’s What Experts Think Are The Biggest Digital Security Mistakes

It's no secret that keeping your business' data as secure as possible is more important than ever. Even though 82% of companies surveyed said that they saved money by moving to the cloud, more than half of survey respondents say their organization currently transfers sensitive or confidential data to the cloud, and without a strong digital infrastructure to protect against potential cyberthreats, your business' data could be the next to be breached. Digital Guardian writer Nate Lord recently talked to 34 different digital security and firewall experts to determine where the biggest corporate security mistakes lie. Here are just a few discussion-worthy answers that may help shed some light on where your company's digital security infrastructure could use improvement.

Data Security Standard Discrepancies
Jeremy Ames, President of Hive Tech HR, feels as though the biggest corporate security mistake comes into play when employees have differing standards of data security. In other words, company executives sometimes take the liberty of operating outside of the firewall consultants put in place to protect sensitive data. Ames says many cyber attacks are targeted at C-Suite members for this exact reason. To alleviate this issue, enhance company-wide firewall support and keep it standardized on all platforms.

Under-Prioritization Of Security Needs
HK Bain, President and CEO of Digitech Systems, thinks the biggest digital security mistake occurs when businesses -- particularly SMBs -- take all the standard steps to protect company data (protecting passwords, setting up firewalls, and locking filing rooms) and still come up short.

"You have to think beyond just electronic data to also protecting confidential information stored on paper as well," he says. Bain advises businesses to consider an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system to amp up security and make it a habit to keep both digital and hard copies of essential company information.

Underestimating The Power Of Social Engineering
Finally, Liam Fallen wants to remind companies that hiring even the best security and firewall specialists isn't guaranteed to protect against a breach. Social engineering is a powerful method that requires little to no technical knowledge whatsoever.

"Social engineering nowadays is the best way to obtain sensitive data ... People can be hacked easier than security systems. I could send 100,000 emails to a company to try and break through their spam filter, or I could make one phone call to the receptionist and use some expert social engineering techniques and retrieve data and/or sensitive information," says Fallen.

Ultimately, hiring professional IT and firewall consultants and keeping these potential mistakes in mind is the best way to stay as digitally secure as possible. For more information about security, firewall consultants, and Meraki equipment, contact Manhattan Tech Support.