Why Booming Business Is No Reason to Abandon Your Managed IT Services Provider

Why Booming Business Is No Reason to Abandon Your Managed IT Services Provider

Your business has just seen a great deal of success. In fact, you need to start hiring again just to keep up with your new workload. Given that, you think that maybe it's time to start building your own in-house IT services team.

While this is understandable, it is a mistake that all too many start-ups make. In this post, we will discuss the reasons why a growing business should continue with their managed IT services.

  1. More Flexible: When your business is experiencing rapid growth, it can be hard to know exactly what your needs will be. With managed IT services, you can grow and shrink your IT services to match your needs. That means that if your spike in needs turns out to be temporary, you will not have overdeveloped your IT infrastructure. On the other hand, if your business continues to grow at the current rate, you will not be burdened with a constant hiring cycle in order to meet your growing needs.

  3. More Available: Hiring takes time and work. There are resumes to sift through as well as interviews to conduct. If your business is in the process of a rapid expansion, then you are likely already stretched thin. With a reliable managed services provider, you are able to focus on more pressing issues.

  5. More Independant: When hiring new team members, not only do you need to spend time on the actual hiring process, but there is also a great deal of training required to bring your new employee up to speed. One of the reliable managed services benefits, however, is that the companies who offer these services already have a trained and experienced staff. That means there is no delay between expanding your team and an increase in the productivity.

  7. More Well Rounded: IT is a big field, much larger than any one person can comfortably master. That means you will need to find different employees who excel in different areas in order to get the very best services. That can quickly spiral to a very costly IT department. With reliable IT management, you are able to have a team of experienced professionals working to ensure that your businesses needs are met.That means that if you are particularly concerned about your website and databases, you still can have an expert maintain your IT security -- an important consideration, considering 55% of all small and medium businesses were the victim of a cyberattack in the past year.

While it might be tempting to see your success as a sign to start building your in house IT services, there are benefits to holding off. You are able to get more expert service with less commitment of resources, thanks to your reliable managed services model.