Debunking 3 Of The Most Ridiculous Myths About Meraki Equipment and Licensing

Debunking 3 Of The Most Ridiculous Myths About Meraki Equipment and Licensing

When it comes to Meraki equipment, many people have trouble determining their specific needs due to the many misconceptions going around. But the fact is, because of the rising bandwidth requirements and shift toward wireless systems, the enterprise network equipment market is projected to hit $30.6 billion by 2020, and selecting a Meraki reseller to provide additional Meraki support is the best way to ensure that your business meets its IT needs. Here are some common myths about Meraki equipment and licensing.

  1. MYTH: Meraki is only for small businesses.
    This myth is entirely untrue. Meraki equipment can be suitable for businesses of nearly any size; it's just a matter of finding the solution that works for you. Cisco considers Meraki a "global network class enterprise solution," and it can be an incredibly useful asset in businesses of various sizes.

  3. MYTH: Meraki licensing isn't worth the money.
    While this may come down to a matter of personal opinion, many experts would respectfully disagree. says, "Meraki relies on a cloud-based system that has to be kept running 24/7 with at least four-nines uptime, and that costs a lot of money for Meraki to maintain. Without the cloud system, Meraki simply could not perform like it does, and the ease-of-use would be impossible to achieve. This isn't some scheme to lock you into payment plans. You're being provided a truly unique next-generation service for your money."

  5. MYTH: The Meraki licensing process is extremely complicated.
    This couldn't be further from the truth. Meraki makes licensing easier than ever -- businesses simply pay one annual price and can use all Meraki equipment without any fear of additional charges or penalties. And to make things even easier, Meraki starts warning users a full 90 days before their license is going to expire so that they have plenty of time to prepare for a new license. And just in case businesses don't meet the renewal deadline, Meraki offers a complimentary month of continued service.

Ultimately, understanding the ins and outs of Meraki equipment and licensing is the best way to take full advantage of all it has to offer. For more information about the best Meraki support NYC has to offer, contact Manhattan Tech Support.